The method

Intake interview

Before the start of the course there will be a free intake interview. We discuss your personal goals and learning wishes. If you already have some command of the Dutch language, a test will be taken to determine the language level. Based on your personal wishes and current language level, a suitable curriculum will be drawn up.

During the lessons

All lessons are practical. You will learn all aspects of the Dutch language, such as vocabulary, reading, spelling, pronunciation and grammar, but the emphasis is mainly on speaking skills. In this way, you can apply what you learn in practice immediately. Of course, the language of instruction during the lessons is exclusively Dutch.

Whichever route you choose, you will always receive personal attention and individual coaching. The groups are never too big. You can also always propose topics yourself and indicate what you would like to pay extra attention to.

Lesson material

During the courses, the CODE+ method is used. This is a method for mid- to highly educated adults and consists of a book with concrete language tasks and an online training programme. In addition to the CODE+ method, Dutch in Dordrecht also provides its own course material, which fits in with the themes and skills in the book.

Independent study

The number of hours of independent study depends on the route chosen. In the individual lessons we discuss how much time you want to spend on independent study. Of course, you learn the language faster when you repeat the lessons learned at home. The preparation time for the group lessons is on average 4 - 6 hours per week.


Depending on the objective of the training, a specific final test will be taken to determine your final level. Students who complete the course with sufficient results will receive a certificate. During the course we regularly discuss the objectives and progress. If necessary, the programme may be adapted. At the end of the course you will need to complete an evaluation form.