Conversation classes

Dutch in Dordrecht believes that the fastest way to master the Dutch language is to apply the language skills you have learned as much as possible in practice. It was with this in mind that the conversation classes came into being. Some students do not come into contact with the Dutch language on a daily basis, others want to learn to speak more fluently. The conversion classes are therefore a good opportunity to practice the speaking and listening skills in an informal and laid-back atmosphere.

Anyone can join the conversation classes. This also makes it possible to get acquainted with the other students. A new theme is dealt with weekly by means of various assignments. The aim is for everyone to have a say and to participate at his or her level.

Class times  

Tuesday 20:00h - 21:00h

For whom   
For everyone who wants to improve their speaking skills. The starting level is at least A1. 

€15.00 per lesson

€125.00 per 10 lessons


You can register on the Monday before the next lesson at the latest.